We are a communications studio with a focus on public issues. We work with experts, researches, professionals and public officers to bring their ideas to the public. We make videos, data visualizations, publications and digital tools. Presentations and campaigns, too.

We are social scientists, designers, developers and video producers, all passionate about complex ideas.


Ignacio Camdessus and Sonia Jalfin created Sociopublico in 2013.

Sonia Jalfin

Sonia holds a BA in Sociology (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and a MSc in Media and Communications (London School of Economics and Political Science). She was head of the Culture Department at Telefé, a TV broadcaster. As a journalist, she contributes a regular column on innovation at La Nación newspaper. She was twice awarded the Martín Fierro, the most relevant award in Argentine media industry, the Chevening Scholarship from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office of the UK and the Merit Award from LSE. In this TED talk she tells about the work of Sociopúblico: http://bit.ly/1ecQoa3

Ignacio Camdessus

Ignacio holds a BA in Political Science (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and an MA in Publishing (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). He loves assembling words as if they were Lego bricks. He worked in public opinion companies, multilateral organizations and the publishing industry. He wrote the novel Circunvalación.