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We redesigned Chequeado's website to better reflect the work that they do and streamline the user experience.

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As a media outlet Chequeado needs a dynamic and agile website. This website also has to showcase their work beyond the media space: Chequeado generates a range of innovative tools to promote informed public dialogue. Its old site failed to reflect this cross-cutting approach. It was also built within a complex and rigid structure which, as the organization grew, became increasingly difficult to use.

Chequeado has a lot to say. How can it feature this wealth of content without overwhelming the user? We interviewed users to learn how they were using the previous site, and we proposed a new structure based on what we learned from these interviews.

To better communicate the work of the organization we wanted to accompany the existing user paths without creating extra sections. In the new home page, the latest articles sit side-by-side with research, projects, and tools such as ‘El Desgrabador’. Furthermore, within each article you can find what tools were used to do the media coverage or conduct the research. In this way, instead of telling readers what they did, they show them how it was done..

To provide teachers, researchers and journalists with an easy way to access the resources created for them, we set up the ‘Aprender’ section. Here they can explore available courses, find practical guides or research, and filter them by format.

The previous site had a large number of labels and sections that responded to internal organizational needs rather than to reading criteria. The new design simplifies and organizes these based on what we learned was significant for the reader. The articles are divided between ‘Chequeos’ and ‘Explicadores’, and their variants are explored simply through the categories. 

Throughout the design process we considered that the largest proportion of readers enter the site on their cell phones. The entire design is user-friendly on both mobile and desktop navigation.

Chequeado’s website is updated daily by a large team of journalists. Our design simplifies the loading of content to facilitate their work. 

We developed the site based on a structure of editable components that allow Chequeado’s team to modify the page layouts and create new landing pages according to their needs. The site is flexible enough to grow and adapt at the pace of the organization, but also simple enough to make it easy to use for all those who work on it.

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