City of Buenos Aires

As the climate changes, so does the city

When Buenos Aires presented its Climate Action Plan to become a resilient, carbon neutral and inclusive city, its authorities faced the challenge of conveying these goals in a clear and simple way for the whole community. Together, we developed BA Climate Change, an open data and accountability platform on the environmental future of the city.

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We worked with the city government’s team to translate a long-term plan – consisting of dozens of goals and technical actions – into a clear, data-based and compelling narrative. At a glance, the platform allows citizens to learn what the plan proposes and the main components of each of its actions.

Aligned with the values of transparency and accountability, BA Climate Change is based on public information, available through the government’s open data platform. Reflecting the city’s commitment to action, citizens can see progress in key areas of the plan.

BA Climate Change combines information about the long-term goals to be achieved with indicators of the Climate Action Plan that are constantly updated.Through visualizations and interactive graphics, we trace the evolution of some of the most significant indicators in real time.

Illustrations help to offset the technical content and make it more accessible. We worked with the city’s communication team to incorporate new design elements, while respecting their brand identity.

To ensure the flexibility needed in a long-term project, we developed a simple data management system that requires no technical knowledge to update data or add information.

Our solution is entirely front end, and can be updated from a simple spreadsheet. At the same time, it is integrated with the city’s Drupal-based website, allowing staff to work with the CMS they already know. From a design point of view, the integration of the two systems is seamless, and goes unnoticed by the user.

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