Impact Plus Prize

Sociopúblico offers a unique opportunity for OTT Conference participants eager to increase their public influence

Apply by April 30

Think tanks rely on effective communication to secure funding, shape public discourse and influence policy. However, in the daily rush to run programs and meet deadlines, they can lose sight of how their communication efforts and investments are actually performing. Even if some staff are aware of weak spots (ie: contradictory messaging at key events, “vanity”-driven social media content, wasteful spending on digital ads), they may hesitate to point them

All organizations–including high-performing ones–need periodic communication reality checks. When carried out by specialists from outside the organization, a rigorous assessment can help staff to identify internal biases or blind spots that may lead cause-driven organizations to communicate in ways that undermine their own strategic goals.

At Sociopúblico, we have developed a process that enables organizations to understand the causes of communication weak spots and then address them in a positive, collegial manner. In organizations that are committed to continuous improvement, our process offers a safe and productive means of making “course corrections” while retaining and optimizing practices that work well. 

We are now offering a unique opportunity for participants of the OTT Conference to receive this kind of support for one of their current or prospective initiatives or projects.

Upon reviewing applications, we will select one organization to receive an assessment by Sociopúblico. The winner will be announced at the OTT Conference in Barcelona, on May 22-23.

Eligibility criteria

  • Leadership is highly motivated to identify and resolve communications shortcomings and receptive to constructive external feedback.
  • The challenge facing the organization is well articulated and has high potential for impact.
  • The problem and its solution can provide useful learnings to other think tanks.

Application process

Organizations willing to participate should complete the following form. The winner will be contacted to provide further information, although most of the assessment will be done based on their public communications footprint.

The deadline to apply is April 30.

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